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10 Fun Things to do in Glasgow

Glasgow is a unique city with a special kind of feel to it. You’ll never be bored in Glasgow because of this. This city has a unique combination of history, tradition and modernity in it, and we love it.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 fun things to do while you’re in Glasgow. There are museums and castles to visit, sports to enjoy and historic tours to see. If you’re someone that’s in love with history, you’ll love some of our suggestions.

The best places to visit in Glasgow

Man on a ski track

Visit the Snow Factor

The Snow Factor is the only indoors slope in Scotland where you can learn to ski, snowboard, climb an ice wall and warm up in an ice bar. They’re close to the Glasgow city centre, and if you’ve never ski’d before, now’s your chance.

The Paisley Abby

The Paisley Abby is a very old place of worship; it was founded in 1163 and has since been the pillar of the community. Even if you’re not much of a believer, this parish church welcomes anyone for whatever reason.

Extreme watersports

Pinkston Watersport Centre

The Pinkston watersport centre has the only artificial whitewater course in Scotland; if you’ve never been kayaking or enjoyed an extreme watersport before now’s your chance.

Interestingly, many film crews film their whitewater footage here, in a controlled, safe environment.

the glasgow cathedral aerial shot

The Glasgow Cathedral

The Glasgow Cathedral is one of the oldest cathedrals in the world. It was built back in 1136 by King David I, and was consecrated in 1197. The high-Gothic cathedral architecture is breathtaking, and it has one of the finest stained glass in the world.

Even if you’re not a religious person or aren’t a Christian, they welcome everyone, so be sure to pay a visit and enjoy what this magnificent building has to offer.

Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery

The Hunterian Art Gallery is one of the best in Scotland; it’s full of beautiful, inspiring art that won’t leave anyone unaffected. Some of the most prominent artists featured here are Rubens, Rembrandt and the local Scottish Colourists and Glasgow Boys. You’ll find the best from both modern and old artists.

bothwell castle in daylight

Bothwell Castle

Hop on a train and go on a short ride to the nearby town of Bothwell; and visit the Bothwell Castle. This old pile of stone was a very important site back in the 1200s, when Scotland fought the Wars of Independence with England. There is a soft reverence in its halls that you should experience for yourself.

stirling art museum at night

Stirling Smith Art Gallery & Museum

Be sure to visit the Stirling Smith Gallery. This old gallery was founded way back in 1874 by Thomas Stuart Smith. You’ll find many interesting historical artefacts and paintings, but you’ll also find new exhibitions of contemporary artists. It’s very interesting to know that there’s a “public reading room” in this museum, which was established back in the day to promote reading.

the university of glasgow

Visit the historic University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow is the fourth oldest university in the entire Anglo-sphere. It was founded in 1451, and has since educated countless intellectuals in its old halls. Don’t be scared to take a walk down these hallowed halls, even on a work day when they’re buzzing with students.

Visit the Lighthouse

The Lighthouse is Scotland’s centre for design and architecture; it’s like a museum for architects. The Lighthouse is in the centre of Glasgow, and the view from above is pure magic. You might stumble upon a design gallery, where designers (architectural and industrial) show off their newest concepts.

Go on a guided tour of the Old Town Jail

Are you in love with history? Then book a guided tour of the Old Town Jail. Learn how crime was met with punishment a couple of hundred years ago. There’s even an escape room event for the younger crowd.